4" x 4" - Celebrations Photo Frame - Graduation

Type: Photo Frame
A charming 4" x 4" aperture freestanding mantel frame with 'Congrats on you graduation' golden cutout lettering on top of a black baton plinth with cursive 'you are going to do amazing things!' motif. A heartfelt and thoughtful gift to a friend or family memeber to celebrate their hard work. More than just a memory. CELEBRATIONS® is Widdop & Co's largest brand and a fundamental collection to any sentiment retailer. Designed in the UK to cover every one of life's precious moments, providing quality, functional and uplifting gifts and keepsakes at affordable prices. Designed with subtle branding to focus on the occasion, CELEBRATIONS® is a one stop shop for the price conscious but generous consumer. From baby scans to centerary birthdays there really is something for everyone.