6" x 4" - Mortar Board Graduation Cap Photo Frame

Type: Photo Frame
SKU: FL11564
A blackfabric wrapped graduation mortar board photo frame from CELEBRATIONS® with a 6" x 4" aperture This quirky frame makes for a great graduation gift to display a special photograph from the day. The cap is hollow so it can be used for storage of any special items from the graduation or life at university. More than just a memory. CELEBRATIONS® is the largest brand of Widdop & Co and a fundamental collection to any sentiment retailer. Designed here in the UK, it is built to cover every one of life's precious moments and occasions providing great quality, functional and uplifting gifts and keepsakes at an affordable price point. Designed with subtle branding to instead focus on the occasion, CELEBRATIONS® is a one stop shop for the price conscious but generous consumers of this generation. From baby scans to golden anniversaries, centenary birthdays to memorial keepsakes there really is something for everyone.