Sophia Lipstick Money Bank

Type: Money Bank
SKU: SP2266
Save up for something glam with this large pink ceramic lipstick money box. From SOPHIA® - the home of style and sophistication in women's giftware. The 21cm money bank features a blush lipstick, chrome finish holder and black base. Insert coins or folded notes through the slot on the back and retrieve savings via a rubber stopper in the base. A perfect gift for a fabulous someone. SOPHIA® encompasses a broad collection of high quality ladies giftware covering everything from classic home accessories to modern and stylish stationery. The brand fuses well known names like Juicy Couture and Rosanna with in-house traditional gifts like Vintage Boutique and licenses and distributorships from leading card companies like Studio Oh! With an eclectic assortment of novelties, collectables and functional gifts there is something for everyone, from the bride to be to the sweetest friend, it is full of great value, stunning packaging, quality and embellishment.