Brightside Teachers Master Plans A4 pouch **MULTI 6**

The Bright Side Teachers Very Organised Master Plans A4 Wallet The perfect size for notes, worksheets and even a pad of A4 paper. Made from bright red faux leather, the wallet is printed with the words ‘Teacher’s Very Organised Masterplans* *also the disorganised ones’, in the bold lettering that The Bright Side is known for along with white stars. The reverse features a large black star with the words ‘Another mind Blown’ printed in the middle alongside white stars which match the front. Securing with a silver zip, and with black, fabric lining, this wallet is the perfect accessory for any busy teacher and makes a wonderful end of term, Christmas or birthday gift. The Bright Side gifts have been best-selling staples in gift & card shops for years. The Man Tin is an icon of shop windows. WIDDOP is delighted to welcome it to our portfolio. Working with Rachel Bright we have curated a revamped range filled with fun pick up items for family & friends.